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Fresh and new French duo mixing piano and electronic sound with Valentin Barray and Loïc Louvel, creating music suited for screen. 

The Restless Sea

Personal EP with a nostalgic piano touch  and atmospheric strings.

The stunning  live video was shoot on Etretat beach in Normandy. 


During confinement, a dreamy composition and home made black and white video, about time perception and condensed space, in that particular moment. 

Je suis une mazurka

Music composed for this short film directed by Emilien Marret 


A piano solo album of intimate piano music. 

Les enfants chantent

Les enfants chantent is a full album of 26 song that Valentin has arranged, and has entirely produced orchestral tracks for French schools choir.

It was a command from the  French National Education. 

Gout de Ragout
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Ma grand-mère chocolat
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